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Responsibility for the future

We believe that preserving our habitat and creating adequate quality of life around the world requires the maximum use of available resources. In addition to waste prevention and recycling of products, there is considerable potential in recovering resources from waste streams. The added value from waste that goes beyond energy recovery requires new technologies. RECENSO is committed to developing systems that make the idea of closed-loop material cycles reality. Our core task is to regain all the materials that can be immediately fed back into value-added cycles as secondary raw materials. Materials that cannot be recycled directly must, if possible, be converted into usable and storable precursors.

Experience matters

For the recovery of metals and plastics from waste streams, our process philosophy follows the basic principle of ore extraction that has been successfully used for decades. Thereafter, an immediate extraction of all initially separated fractions takes place, whether they are valuable or not. We have combined this tried-and-tested concept with state-of-the-art plant engineering to implement solutions for maximum utilization of the potential contained in waste for our customers worldwide. Metals and plastics can be recovered with our "URBAN MINING SOLUTIONS" with highest productivity. The systems close the gap between waste treatment and the production of secondary raw materials of the highest quality.

Breaking new ground

Creating a real closed-loop economy requires innovative technologies. The goal is to preserve as many materials as possible in material cycles. At RECENSO, we have identified a technology that, in this sense, opens up a new and promising way of exploiting the potential, especially of mixed plastic waste, as a real alternative to incineration.
With the application of the CTC (Catalytic Tribochemical Conversion), the plastics are transformed into a universal liquid form in a single-step process. The resulting product oil can be used as a resource for both the chemical and petrochemical industries. This form of chemical recycling is preferable not only to the regulations of the European Union for thermal recycling. Due to the similarity of the CTC product to mineral oil, the new resource can be fed into existing manufacturing processes after qualification and significantly contributes to improvements in the life cycle assessment of numerous products.

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